Meritxell Ribé Modol, interiorista y decoradora en Barcelona, nació en Lleida el 1977, estudió en la Escuela Superior de Diseño Bau de Barcelona e inició su trayectoria profesional en diferentes estudios de interiorismo, decoradores y arquitectura de la ciudad. En 2005 crea su propio estudio de interiorismo y desde entonces ha proyectado diferentes proyectos tanto de vivienda privada como de espacios profesionales. Como interiorista y decoradores en Barcelona, a partir de un servicio individualizado para cada cliente se ofrece la posibilidad de contratar diferentes opciones: desde un asesoramiento de espacios, colores, iluminación o diseño de mobiliario hasta el desarrollo de un proyecto integral de interiorismo y dirección de obras. Su filosofía de trabajo incluye un trabajo en equipo de decoradores y una concepción del espacio desde una visión real de las necesidades de cada cliente creando espacios con una atmósfera cálida y personalizada. Decoradores en Barcelona.


The Interior Design and Decoration project is underway to renew the new image of the stores of the renowned Lupo bag brand. This Catalan signature of 100% Barcelona spirit is inspired by Gaudí’s architectural style guides in each of its models.

Therefore, this proposal is carried out providing a new and renewed aesthetic that combines sophistication, purity and modernism following Lupo’s premises. Curved and organic lines were used for the new store floors making a nod to the inner courtyards of La Pedrera de Gaudí.

Currently, the brand has a Lupo Atelier service where it offers its customers the possibility to customize their own bag. The aim is to integrate this section into the new store layout, giving value to the space and allowing users to feel the craftsmanship of the product.

Natural materials are used such as different types of wood, stone and ceramics combined with the green touch of the natural and playing with the vegetation. Miró’s symbolism moves, as well as Gaudí’s structures and movement creating a structure that adapts to the needs of the clients.


In this house of 250 m2 and a large outdoor terrace located in the center of the Catalan capital, an integral project of Interior Design, Decoration and Styling was carried out. A new redistribution of all spaces was made adapting to the needs of their owners.

The main requirements were the expansion of the common areas, the opening of the different areas separating them through the decoration and comfort of the customers. It was sought to create a house to live and enjoy it. The selection of materials and parts was looked at in detail, creating a very warm and special environment. Recovered furniture was merged with other more contemporary elements.

In the day area, the large living room is distinguished, which includes a rest area and another to work with the computer. In addition, there is the large kitchen with a peninsula and an area for breakfast and the living room to watch the TV together. It also includes an area for laundry and a courtesy bathroom.

The night area is oriented on the opposite wing of the house, where the atmosphere is quieter. Each room was created and designed in accordance with the owners’ premises and equipped with comfortable and ergonomic elements. The integration of different pieces of antiques allows to enhance the original architecture of the house so characteristic. Works of art are included that complete the chosen decoration and add value to the whole set.


In this house of 300 m2 located in the most central area of the Diagonal of Barcelona, a comprehensive reform of Interior Design, Decoration and Styling was executed. Open, functional and updated areas were obtained in this house that lacked personality and character.

The main premise of its owners was to maintain the structure of the house, adapting it to current needs. That is why all the spaces were redistributed, restoring all the areas and returning their essence and soul. It was completed with a global domotic project and an audiovisual system, in addition to providing each space with an independent music control.

In the main zone, three connected areas were created and, at the same time, differentiated. On the one hand, we find the area of the living room where the original fireplace was kept, giving it an updated and noble image. Next we find the reading and music area, since the owners love to read and play the piano. The dining area was created including a visual communication with the kitchen through transparent glass sliding doors.

In all, a range of neutral and simple tones is used throughout the house. These colors are prolonged in the materials used, choosing microcement for the design of the bathrooms and the kitchen. The timelessness and the continuity over time of the introduced elements are sought.


In this luxurious house of 4,000 m2 located in one of the most privileged areas of Madrid is carrying out an integral project of Interior Design and Decoration.

One of the main objectives of the owners was to have a large living and dining area where they could be with their guests. It sought to obtain spaces where materials were the protagonists, accompanied by organic lines and noble metals. Different versions of marble were introduced where it merges with the lighting and golden notes, highlighting every detail of the house.

The chosen decoration pieces complete the space, highlighting every corner and including works of art. The set of materials and directions of them help to direct the vision to each of the main points of the areas. All the spaces are diaphanous and in each one you have an overview of the plant without interruptions.

Different blue tones take strength in the lounge area along with other more neutral and comfortable, where different environments are differentiated by the deployment of carpets and vertical elements. Each one of the pieces that make up each area accompanies the shape of its set, creating a collected and homogeneous corner.

In the suites rooms we sought to give prominence notes to the walls of the headboards by making combinations of materials, lights and shapes. The rest of the rooms are discreetly integrated, providing comfort, tranquility and creating soft rooms.


Luminosity and spaciousness were the main premises of the decoration project in this loft in Poblenou area of Barcelona.

The main objectives of the owners were the promotion of the architecture of the estancia, emphasizing the industrial style and the materials with the new pieces incorporated to each area. They wanted to maintain some original elements of the loft as the seen facilities, the natural materials and their imperfections. In addition, we sought to allocate the space both to live and to hold exhibitions related to the world of art.

In the main space, a distinction was sought from each corner, but providing each area with a unique use. It was carried out through the placement of pieces of furniture and the deployment of carpet that allowed to make this type of division in a natural and very visual way. The original industrial style kitchen was conserved, incorporating it to the new design and integrating it with the chromatic range of the rest of the loft.

Throughout the entire house, there is a common thread regarding the range of tones selected. The red and green tones along with other more neutral, such as beige and earth colors, allowed to enhance the image of the selected industrial and recovered furniture.


In this house that consists of three floors located in the neighborhood of La Bonanova a project of Interior Design and Decoration is carried out.

One of the owners’ objectives is to obtain luminosity and create a spacious and open space. The aim is to create storage spaces as a fundamental premise, providing it with practicality. The result is a house where the kitchen, living room and dining room are unified on the main floor, giving access to the outside space and to a rest and comfort zone. The fireplace is redesigned, creating a reading place integrating the books as decorative elements.

On the top floor, the guest room is located and that of the smallest, fully open and with the option of dividing it in the future. On the top floor is the master suite with its own terrace. Natural materials such as wood and organic fabrics are used throughout the house, creating a timeless style and using green as the color of connection in each room.

It is decided to use neutral finishes and refined lines where the design details are appreciated. The kitchen is fully equipped, a breakfast area is created including a peninsula and some stools that balance with the rest of the space. In the bathrooms, the same chromatic range is used as in the rest of the house, obtaining an area that transmits tranquility.


In this house of 1000 m2 located in the Supermaresme on the Costa Brava, a project of Interior Design and Decoration is carried out that was completed with the work of Styling.

The main objective of its owners was to obtain open spaces where the main protagonist was natural light. We sought to provide each area with a relaxed and carefree style according to the environment. The use of neutral colors is promoted using a very soft chromatic range that transmits comfort and tranquility.

In the day zone you can distinguish four diaphanous spaces and, at the same time, well differentiated. This area includes: the living room, a small reading corner next to the fireplace, the dining room and the kitchen. All of them are connected in a visual way, a dialogue is maintained where there is no element that obstructs the vision. This area has views of both the porch and the rest of the plot, which we can find surrounded by nature.

For the outdoor two very functional corners were obtained. On the one hand, we find the outdoor dining room that can accommodate a large number of guests thanks to the work bank that was made. The back wall was opened to gain luminosity and increase the visibility of the rest of the house. On the other hand, we find a rest area with light furniture and a palette of colors that continue the same line as in the interior.



A project of Interior Design and Decoration in a house of 165 m2 located in the upper area of Barcelona between Via Augusta and Calvet, in which have been obtained more bright and open spaces. The rooms were updated obtaining contemporary and renovated areas.

In this project proposal, the owners wanted to optimize the existing space and obtain a better distribution of the house to create homogeneous and fluid areas. The office was located in the hall adding an informal style to the entrance. Very modern pieces were included with some older ones, providing a classic touch while elegant and sober.

The living room and dining room continues the essence of the rest of the house playing with different natural materials. The dark and other more neutral colors are combined with different lighting compositions, recovering the soul and life of the home.

The children’s room was made to measure based on a composition using modules to optimize the maximum possible space. On the other hand, the suite sought elegance and warmth creating a harmony between the elements. A geometric decorative paper was selected giving prominence to the headboard area and creating a large picture.


An integral project of Interior Design and Decoration obtaining connection between the areas and contributing luminosity to the rooms. The main objective was to give the house elegance and sobriety taking care of the detail, the lighting and the harmony between colors and textures. It fills the home with warmth, creating perfect balance.

In the proposal for this project in the Turó Park, the opening of spaces to create a dialogue between the living room, dining room and kitchen was prioritized. The eclectic style of the house was combined with different materials such as wood, marble and natural fabrics. To the neutral base were added touches of color, art and contemporary furniture, present in every corner of the house.

The distribution of the house was carried out according to the needs of the client, it was necessary to incorporate three suites with their own bathroom. The separation of iron and glass was designed giving amplitude to the zone of the hall to make the office independent. It was also possible to have more luminosity in the central area of ​​the house.

The two existing terraces are complemented by covering them with wood and vegetation with the combination of outdoor furniture and lighting.



From a diaphanous space located in a building in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​the new Atelier of the renowned fashion designer Katarina Gray was designed. The project was inspired by its warm and bohemian designs, very defined seal of the brand.

It was distributed from a central axis where the dressing room and a dividing wall are located. This wall was designed exclusively for this space and was made of wood, iron and with a mirror. On the front wall it was decided to make a collage with different photos, the result of the numerous designs and fashion shows of the designer.

The atelier’s color palette ranges from gray to nude roses and green water. Also materials such as brass or aged wood, curtains in wild linen, decorative papers, sofas in velvets, a hanging swing rattan, iron and marble structures and carpets in different parts of space were used. These textiles play with a perfect balance of light and in harmony.


An integral project of Interior Design and Decoration expanding the spaces, obtaining more luminosity and optimizing the work areas. The main objective was to provide maximum functionality and practicality to these offices located in the Mediapro Building in the 22@ neighborhood of Barcelona.

The project proposal is based on the need of the company to decompose its work area in different formats: diaphanous areas for daily work, small rooms for team meetings, a games room, a meeting room with great capacity and a kitchen-dining room.

It was combined with carpets of colors and textures inspired by the tonalities of the company. For the open areas, it was decided to change the general false ceiling with a discontinuous false ceiling of wooden slats and black ceilings. The meeting rooms were built around elevators and passage areas by wooden and glass partitions.

In the reception, it was decided to place a vertical garden covering the wall and welcoming the entrance to the office. For the illumination of the project, it was decided by a more diffuse light in passing zones and another intense one on the work tables.


In this Contract Project, we wanted to give a different and renewed focus. For this, it was decided to use natural materials where the main protagonist is wood. A slatted cage was made in the same material in the staircase. The set of chosen pieces created a harmonious and balanced environment.


The game area was located on the ground floor, as it is a restaurant aimed at families. For this, the ground was protected for the little ones with artificial grass until creating a fun curve that connects with the wall. At a visual and practical level, a sense of infinite space was created that serves as entertainment and play at the same time.


On the main floor there are different environments: relaxation area, bar area and restaurant area. Each one was carried out with a careful selection of decoration pieces that made distribution possible, always based on the comfort of the users. The white color together with the wood, become the connection points of all the spaces.