Interior design

Interior design | Meritxell Ribé

As always say in our studio, interior decoration is everything when you go back home, it doesn´t fall: starting with a good distribution of spaces, it is defined by where each element is located, and how it should illuminate the areas. We believe that all materials should compliment floors, ceilings, and walls, and should also define how the bathrooms and kitchens must be. It is equally crucial to characterize the basis of a project with other components such as faucets, sanitary, household appliances, and woodwork.

Within the interior design project we also greatly consider where to place the furniture, while examining its dimensions, without desginating a specific brand or model. This will be studied in the decoration project.

There is no better housing than that which has been studied since the beginning in an interior design project, while being perfectly adjusted to reach the demands of the customer. We’ll have the best result for your home.

Interior design

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