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I’m sure that sometimes we remember those afternoons in the cinema we waited with excitement to be able to see the last film debut or our favorite character. We sat in the movie theater with popcorn with our family or friends and the emotion appeared when the lights went down and the red curtains opened up to let us see that huge curved screen; inmediately after the image appeared and we started to devour the popcorn. We loved the choreography, which seemed perfectly orchestrated.

Nowadays we can have the same sensation with our family without getting up from the sofa  to see a 3D movie or with our friends to watch a football match, or simply because we want to watch our favourite film as if we were in one of the best cinemas and all of this, only with a touch of a button. It all starts with the choreography: the blinds and the curtains go down, the projector turns on and the screen appears. The lights are dimmed and the amplifier turns on and everything begins to play, which makes us reminise of the best experience which we yearn so much for.

In MERITXELL RIBE - THE ROOM STUDIO we make all of those dreams come true that one may have: from a high-level film up to a music room for the largest audiophiles. In our showroom we have a screening room to enjoy a Home Cinema and another to appreciate a high level of sound. If you want to explore more options, we have an exclusive audiovisuals showroom in Mataro, where one can explore more personalized options until they find the perfect fit of those desired sensations.

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